When life gives you lemons…

When life gives you lemons…

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There are a thousand articles out there in the great wide web-world about ‘what to do when you lose inspiration with your photography’. How do you find your photo-mojo? Where can you find the source of that elusive element that helps you click that button?

Most of these articles will include the phrase ‘look in your own backyard’. This could lead you through the kitchen, past the utility area, out of your back door and into an introspective journey into the motivational attributes of your daily search for the perfect capture of light, life and the very soul of photographical representations of the World around you.

Or (alternatively) you could see a nice lemon.

I haven’t lost my inspiration but I have just looked in my own backyard. The spring crazed wisteria is pushing out tiny leaves like crazy, last years lemons are ready for picking, slicing and soaking in their gin and tonic bath and this years are coming on nicely.


Also the freaky spider (featured image at top) that lives in the middle of the lemon tree has decided to opt for ‘new lemon green’ as this years ‘regalia de rigeur’.

Not only has it changed colour to suit the new crop but seems to have developed ‘lemony’ dimples to make it even more difficult to spot.

Nature is pretty weird and inspirational…


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