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Surfers at Lagide in Peniche

Surfers at Lagide in Peniche

Posted by / 12th February 2016 / Categories: surf / -

I’m not the best surfer on the planet: I started exceedingly late in life (the spritely young age of 32 years – at least 30 years too late) and have somewhat stifled my surfing ‘career’ by carelessly living in the mountains.

None of this means that I don’t love throwing myself in the sea whenever the opportunity arises. However it does slightly limit my abilities and reduce my general ‘surf’ fitness levels (there are only two things that keep you fit enough to surf. And one of them is surfing).

So, when the surf is exceedingly large and scary I like to get my camera out and shoot the real surfers launching themselves down the front of big mountains of water. Storm Imogen has just hit Portugal and Lagide (on the ‘Silver Coast’ of Portugal) was the only place sheltered enough to get some makeable waves. It was a wet and moody day but that didn’t stop my friend Toby (some of my best friends are bodyboarders!) from paddling out…


The next day, when things were getting slightly out of control weather wise we decided to take a short drive up the coast to Nazare (a World renowned big wave spot) to see if anybody was crazy enough to take it on. Sure enough Mick Corbett (he’s Australian!) was in the water…